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Rules - Server, Discord, Forums Empty Rules - Server, Discord, Forums

on 14/3/2018, 11:57 pm
Important things to know The Rules!

These are the Rules thus far: If you don't understand these please let me know.
Important to know!  After you have made an account on the forums, you must make your gameaccount on Minimanager to be able to play, from there you have 1 week to make a char and start playing. Otherwise the account is at risk of being deleted.

Also all Chars under the level of 7 are deleted regularly. If you wish to keep them level them up.

1.) The following actions are unacceptable, and will result in a warning (or being banned if you keep doing it):

- NO videos or streaming of the server
- Name calling
- Bullying and/or peer pressuring other players
- Following / stalking people in the game
- Interfering with other people’s gameplay
- Swearing
- Racial / racist or derogatory language
- Being a public annoyance

This is an all ages family server, so please respect other players.

2.) Begging Red or the GMs for free items / levels / professions is not allowed.

3.) Absolutely no hacks, cheats, or anything else that gives you an unfair advantage. This includes, but is not limited to:

- Speed hacking
- Flying without a mount
- Item duping
- Teleport hacks
- scamming low level chars for gold (ie. making level 1 char and taking the gold for an alt.)
- Exploits If you find something that could cause the server to crash, ie. find an npc that spawns multiple times and shouldn't and keep spawning it over and over. If it causes a crash, you will skip the warning and be banned.

If you are caught hacking or cheating, you will be warned. Second offense will get you banned. You will also lose all of your gained levels.
If we decide to give you another chance you will be on probation until you can prove to us that you are trust worthy.

4.) Accounts which are not used for regular play in a given 6 month period will be deleted if an explanation is not provided via private message or the appropriate section of the forum.

5.) If you make a character and decide you don't like it, that is fine. Do not ask management to have your levels and items transferred to another character. We will not do it.

6.) If you let someone else use your account and they cause problems on the server / chat / Discord, don't be surprised if your accounts gets banned. You are ultimately responsible!

7.) You have all the flight paths. Do not ask for a portal, unless it is to be part of a raid group or a dungeon instance.

8.) PVP duels must take place only with characters within 5 levels of you, or it is not fair. If you do, or if Red gets a complaint, you will lose honor points.

8a.) No corpse camping. Period. This includes Battlegrounds.

9.) In dungeons and raids, we have a 5 second looting rule. This means that after a boss is killed, you must wait for 5 sec before you loot it. At the very minimum, make sure your entire group is alive and connected. This rule exists to prevent speed looting, and players missing out because of death or disconnect.

10.) Character migration is explained on another page. If you have armory that will do for transferring your character, along with the login / character select screen.

11.) Characters are not allowed in Dalaran or Northrend until level 68. If you are caught, you will be teleported out immediately, also if you cannot get to a zone by natural means then you should not be there.

12.) Inappropriate character names are not allowed. They must be renamed, or they will be deleted.

13.) Dual logging is allowed. Multi-boxing is not.

14.) Some addons are not allowed, or their use should be restricted:

- Gearscore is not allowed for any reason
- Rating Buster is not allowed.
- Carbonite, Quest Helper, and Tomtom should be turned off in dungeons and raids, as they will cause client lag and frame rate drop

15.) Advertising another server will earn you a warning. Do it again and you will be permanently banned!

16.) I am not your Mother, it is not my job to make you read the rules. It is your job to read and know the rules! Period. Pleading ignorance of the rules is not an excuse. Violations, generally speaking, are dealt with in the following manner:

- First offense: Warning, explanation of why you got the warning, plus 1 week muted if the offense is language related
- Second offense for the same thing: BANNED

These do not apply to Hacks and Cheating, or Blatantly breaking rules!. You will get one (1) warning and then Banned.

More as needed, and subject to change. (Updated 6-5-18)
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