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Santa Gift and Restrictions

on 15/3/2018, 8:07 am
You can have One (1) item from the game, the only exclusion is shadowmourne.

For those that do not want an item, ie.. gear, weapon, mount etc
There is also gold up for grabs, simply request gold instead of an item.

One thing to keep in mind is that if its a heroic item you want.
When you send your request to: 'Goldrush' - Santa wish.
You must have the item id, name and if it is normal or heroic.

If you want heroic and do not put it in there you will get normal.

Remember this is for one (1) character only per person not per account.


Santa has decided that if you have logged in, in the last 3 months then you are safe.

If not do not ask for a Santa present.
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