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Character Migration Empty Character Migration

on 15/3/2018, 12:45 am
You will need to level a char to level 55 here before I will transfer one. But send the info below so that it is ready when you are.
The reason for this is so we don't waste our time on someone that is not planning to stay.

If you are coming from another server and want to migrate your char you can do this by following what is on the main page of website.
We will help you to get your char back and up to play asap!
Required for Transfer!

Need! login screenshot of your char. ( If you don't have one you will not be transferred)
You will need to type /played so it shows on your screenshot for how long you have played .

Example: if you have a level 64 Human Warrior on the server you wish to migrate from, we will restore it to
level 64 on Red's Realm, give you gold to learn your skills and buy gear. If you are migrating a level 70, it will be a level 70 on Red's Realm after migration and a level 80 will be a level 80.

You will need to make an account on our server, and your USERNAME must be the same as the nickname of the Char you are migrating,
Then create your Char with that same name and then contact a GM to meet you ingame so they can level your character up and give you some gold.

Remember to be patient and that GM’s have rl’s also. Do not Spam the GM’s or you will just wait longer or be ignored.

Just make a ticket saying "Migration" for GM assistance and wait for a GM to respond.

Death Knight Migration

If you plan to Migrate a Death Knight to Red's Realm,
you must first have at least (1) regular Toon on Red's Realm with a
minimum level of 55 before we will allow you to Migrate a Death Knight.

You will be given for transfer:


Level: 01 - 20 = 500 gold
Level: 21 - 30 = 600 gold
Level: 31 - 40 = 700 gold
Level: 41 - 50 = 800 gold
Level: 51 - 59 = 900 gold
Level: 60 - 69 = 1000 gold
Level: 70 = 2000 gold
Level: 80 = 7000 gold

Level 70-79 will get one set of gear listed below according to class
T6 set

Level 80 will get T8 set to match your class and weapon of equal level.
Druid- Valorous Nightsong battlegear
Hunter- Valorous Scourgestalker battlegear
Mage- Valorous Kirin Tor garb
Paladin- Valrorus Aegis battlegear
Priest- Valorous Sanctification garb
Rogue- Valorous Terrorblade battlegear
Shaman- Valorous Worldbreaker battlegear
Warlock- Valorous Deathbringer garb
Warrior- Valorous Siegebreaker battlegear

Don't forget to get the screenshots/armory page, and send them to
If you would like another Char transferred/migrated you have a couple options. (This only pertains to having done the above already, and only on one account.)
1) Voting = 100 vote points
2) Donate = check Donation page.
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