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A Smokeywood Pastures' Thank You

on 15/12/2018, 12:31 pm
Quest: A Smokeywood Pastures'Thank You!
Location: Orgrimmar
Faction: Horde

What should happen : When the player turns in the quest Your a Mean One.... to Kaymard
         Copperpinch. Tehy should then have the option to take a follow up quest called A Smokeywood Pastures'Thank You!
 than then turns in to Great father winter and then receive an
          acheivement  Simply Abominable

What Happens:When the quest  Your a Mean One... is turned in the follow up quest A Smoakwood Pastures'Thank You! is not offered
               tried relogging but no change

Side note : Alliance side works just fine, turned in Your a Mean One...., was offered A
                   Smokeywood Pastures' Thank You! right away
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