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Logging into the wrong realm solution Empty Logging into the wrong realm solution

on 15/3/2018, 8:28 am
This was an issue and now sure how it started but this does seem to fix the problem.

Example: you try to log in and it kicks you or disconnects you from the Devserver.

That realm is just for Testers,Devs and Admin. Players should never be able to get on it.

So this is the fix:

In the game's (client) folder, there should be a folder called 'WTF'
In that folder should be a file called (Might just appear as Config if file extensions are not shown)
Open it with a program like Notepad (I would suggest Notepad++ if you have it) either will work.

Look for the following set of words... "SET realmName" without the quotations
It should probably say SET realmName "Devserver" (Or close to it)
Change it to SET realmName "Rising Flame" and save the file

From there you should be set to play again normally.
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