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Respect is not just for Players Empty Respect is not just for Players

on 15/3/2018, 8:23 am
Of late we have had cases where players are not showing the due respect to the GM's of this server. This is not acceptable behavior and relates to the bullying of players in the rules. Consider this the first warning now! Should it continue you can/will be banned/deleted.

We have different level GM's here to take care of certain things. There is no GM (other than me) that is allowed to give any items other than for an ingame event. If there is a problem that cannot be solved by one GM they will ask you to make a ticket or let you know that they will notify me. At which point you will have to wait for me.

To make one thing clear for all... if you decide you don't like your char and send your items/gold to another char or player, then delete it before they get that ingame mail, your items will be lost as a result of the character being deleted. That is not the servers fault it is just a fact, the same thing happens on retail. Do not beg for your items back.

This server has been around for a long time and longer than so many, I do my best to fix things as fast as I can. If that is not good enough for you then maybe you need to find someplace else to play. Complaining about me and not doing the work it takes to run this server, unless you have run one for over 12 years, don't talk to me about it unless you can help.

As it says above consider this your first warning! If you use the excuse you didn't see it in the forums that is not our fault. This is here for all to read.

Thank you
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